Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today we have horrible randoms.  Like my post yesterday these were done before I started my blog and began perfecting my craft.  I do not know what polishes were used as I did not photograph them. Sorry :(. Without further delay...

My first awful gradient.  I don't believe I understood the concept.
This was a beauty but um why didn't I use the flash or turn on some lights.  I clearly remember this.  It was a little after midnight and I was exhausted.  I thought, "Well let me take a few pics because this is pretty." Yeah well too bad the beauty can't be seen now.  This is Nubar 2010 over OPI You Don't Know Jacques.  Soooo Pretty!

This was Gelish base, regular nail polish, Gelish top coat.  I guess a jelly sandwich.  It was pretty but it did not have the same longevity of gel nails.  It only lasted about one week.  The product just isn't made for that.  I scrapped that idea because it wasn't worth it.  Too much removal work for only one week. 
Glitter French Mani

That is a nail sticker (for a lack of better words) for an accent nail
Do you have any randoms that you want to run screaming away from? lol
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