Friday, September 28, 2012


ORGASM!!! The name of the polish of course hehehe.

This is one of the polishes I picked up from Sephora when I went there the other day (click here to see).
I sponged this 18k Gold top coat on the tips.  I got this from Sephora too.

Orgasm is a shimmery peach.  I like it but I wouldn't normally go for this color.  I purposely picked up something different.  Trying to change it up.

I like the idea of a real gold top coat but this one by Sephora By OPI is not the best. The gold flakes are very small.  For $17 (on sale) I could have just preordered Zoya's version [click here to view].  

It turned into mani day.  I did my Friend's Mom's nails.  My gift to her for her birthday.  Then my friend wanted her nails done and of course the little ones. I enjoy it so why not?

Has your single Mani session ever turned into Mani day/nail salon?  Do you like to have Orgasms this polish from Nars?

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