Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day Mani

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Subliminally Smitten

Fish anyone?  This is my second attempt at a fishtail accent nail (I haven't posted the 1st one yet.).  It isn't turning out the way I want, but this is cute so it will do :) .  I am trying to channel this fishtail mani tutorial I found on Lucy's Stash blog. Cute right!? 

I used Butter London Victoriana as my base.  On the fishtail accent nails I used Knackered and Layla Metal Chrome.

Victoriana is such a beauty!  It was opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 coats for this mani (only because I am addicted to the simple act of applying polish).  Knackered on the other hand is very translucent.  I don't know how many coats it would take to be opaque since I was just using it for the fishtail accent.  Layla is an amazing chrome; one of the best.

You know what I realized when I got outside in the sun.  Knackered has a pretty purple shimmer.  I really have to start photographing in the sun. My apologies, you can't see the beauty of this polish :(

Overall, I think this turned out pretty good.  You like? Have you tried a fishtail mani yet?

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