Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crunch Berries: Guest Post from Candy Coated Tips

Hello My Smitten's
Today I have a guest post from Jackie of Candy Coated Tips .  Jackie has the cutest blog!  Keeping with the times, Jackie changes her background for the seasons or holidays.  Little things like that peak my interest.  You can always count on her to keep you in the know with polish press releases and she always shows love for indie brands with her Candy Shop of the Month.  Speaking of candy, Jackie has a sugary treat for us today with her crunch berries.  Enjoy!      

Hello All, it's me Jackie S. of Candy Coated Tips, and I am happy to help out my fellow blogger, Emma!

Okay let me share one of my new favorite glitter indie brands, Glitzology.

This is China Glaze " Rougish Red" topped with Glitzology "Crunch Berries".

This is 1 thick coat of "Rougish Red" and topped it with 2 coats of "Crunch Berries".

China Glaze "Rougish Red" is a  red-orange creme from their 2012 Halloween Collection.  This color is vibrant and bright and served as the perfect base color for the glitter.

Glitzology "Crunch Berries", this glitter is so fun! She describes this as "...yet another polish inspired by my unhealthy obsession with junk food, in this case Captain Crunch with crunch berries! This polish features a mix of yellow, red, and blue matte and satin glitter in different sized hexes and squares.".  I love matte glitter, it's crazy and fun without all the blinding effect of glitter. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love blinding glitter, but sometimes you need to scale it down...just a hair! LOL :)This glitter applied very smoothly with no issues.  Usually most glitters are HUNGRY MONSTERS and require 3 coats of top coat, but this glitter was only mildly hungry and required 2 top coat layers, which is what I usually apply anyway :) 

All my manicures  are topped with 1 coat of a non-fast drying top coat, and then 1 coat of Seche Vite.  This makes your manicure dry fast, avoid shrinkage issues and last 4-5 days with no chips.  I wore this color for 4 days!

Here are some pics in indirect light, so you can see the glitter detail!

I love how she mixes her glitters using different sizes, shapes and shades, amazingly unique!

Check out Glitzology on Facebook and on her Etsy Shop, she always has $5 sales and discount codes.

Thanks for letting me invade your "polish space", and remember Keep It Sweet! :)

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