Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pop of Pretty: Guest Post from Elle Sees

Hello My Smitten's
Today I have an awesome post from Elle of Elle Sees .  I absolutely adore Elle's blog .  It is the place I go to get up to date beauty tips and tricks.   I love it because she doesn't just talk about products, she goes into great detail and oftentimes provide a tutorial.  I am thrilled to have her here today!  Enjoy!    

Hi! I'm Elle, from ElleSees.blogspot.com, a lifestyle blog about all things beauty. The easiest way to add a pop of pretty is to do your nails. Check out some of my fave tips for nails:

  • Stained Nails--Try whitening toothpaste! Or this post which lists other options.
  • Glitter Polish Removal--Take a cotton ball or tissue, soak in polish remover, and place on top of nail. Then wrap fingers in a bit of tin foil, yes, really! Leave for about 5 minutes and the polish will come right off.
  • Out of Polish Remover--No polish remover? No problem. Just paint any color of polish on top of your existing polish. Wipe away the polish. It really works and is great if you're in a pinch. Also try hand sanitizer!
  • Easy Clean--Try using a small concealer or art brush to clean around the nail bed after painting. I use this one from ELF and it's only $1.
  • New polish--Make your own new shade of polish by taking any shade of eye shadow, scraping a little onto a paper plate, and then mix with clear polish. Paint on nails! Try this post for pictures and descriptions.
  • Make Neons Pop--Try a coat of white polish before painting your nails with neon polish. The color won't be as streaky and the color will pop!
  • Make Metallics Pop--Try a coat of black before painting a metallic polish.
  • Quick Dry--Cooking spray, clear dry shampoo, or cold water can help dry nails faster. You'll know your nails are dry when they stop smelling like polish.
For more beauty tips and tricks, visit ellesees.blogspot.com
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