Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last week from my iPhone

Hello My Smitten's

Last week from my iPhone

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 I have all the materials and I'm all set to start swatching my entire stash. See my stash here. 

 My first attempt at a chevron epic fail.  The base polish was still wet.  
 I loved this!  Picture courtesy of +Radha thepolishowl instagram account.

Got my scissors for nail art yay!

I'm so vain!  I love looking at my nails!

The winning ticket; not really it's just $2

I feel this way about some folks.  Picture courtesy of @bravoandy instagram account.  

 I decorated another one of my nail polish shelves.  This one took me about 2 hours as well.  

Two down, one to go!

It's the weekend (well it was) Turn Up! Hehehe I love this.  Picture courtesy of @ohverlays instagram account.  

Speaking of @ohverlays they made me this awesome overlay that I will be using as my new post signature.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Be sure to follow my journey to healthier nails (tab above or click here).  I am recovering from a terrible break.

My Stash is updated and complete check it out (tab above or click here).  

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