Monday, December 31, 2012

PopSugar Must Have Box

Hello My Smitten's

Today I present to you my 1st PopSugar Must Have Box, December 2012.

PopSugar's Must Have monthly subscription box is filled with PopSugar's editors favorite items.  
                              Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food
Full-size products and premium items worth over $100
Only $35 a month, with free shipping

I cannot tell a lie, I love getting boxes in the mail every month.  It is so exciting!

I don't drink tea so I regifted this item.  

I tried this soap and it smells delectable but I don't do perfume soaps on my lady parts so I gave it to my cousin who loved it too!

Very cute concept; I didn't open it because I plan to regift this in the future.

Peppermint and Chocolate yuck.  Not my thing!  Regifted it lol.  

This little cloth is awesome.  It cleaned off my electronic devices of all fingerprints and it even removes up to 98% of germs and bacteria.

I love, love, love these mugs.  They are the best!  They can be microwaved and refrigerated.  I haven't stopped using them since I received them. Awesome!

Overall it was a pretty decent box.  I payed for 3 months up front so I am looking forward to my January box.  After I get my 3rd box I will reevaluate if I want to continue my subscription.  If the box isn't good for anything it is good for cute unique items that can be regifted.  As you can tell I'm not shy about regifting.  The way I see it, these items have been payed for by me so there is no stigma with the gift in my opinion.  

If you would like to sign up for a PopSugar Must Have monthly subscription Click Here you can get $5 off your first order if you use the code REFERFRIENDS.

What do you thing of PopSugar?  Do you have a subscription?  Are you into monthly subscription boxes?

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Emma RaeNae <3

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