Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback: I'm So Shiny [9/23/12]

Hello My Smitten's
Today for my Throwback I have a shiny mani :)


Emma RaeNae <3

My co-worker gave me this Layla polish for my birthday.  What an AWESOME Birthday gift.

I used Layla Mirror Effect's Metal Chrome and China Glaze's Ray-Diant.

What I learned about this Layla polish is that it is thick in a good kind of way.  It only requires one brush stroke.  If you go over an area more than once it streaks.  Then it looks Horrible!!! This was my first application so I did not know that.  Now I know, do not go over an area twice and you must let it dry for at least 3 mintues before you apply a second coat.  As for Ray-Diant, all glitter polishes are thick as fudge to me!!!

So let me tell you about this Mani.  I always admired the women who change their polish everyday, or change their polish to match an outfit, or who has a long day at work then go home and polish their nails.  I am none of those women but my nails were looking HORRID so i decided to polish after a 12 hour shift.  Are you kidding me? I was terribly tired.  My eyes kept shutting as I was polishing so I stood up for the duration of my Mani.  No joke, I stood up like they make you do in grade school when you are falling asleep lol.  I threw that Nubar top coat on my nails and collapsed into bed.  All Hail Nubar because my nails did not smudge!!!

Do you have any Layla polishes? Do you have any polish tricks or tips? What top coat do you use?

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