Monday, December 24, 2012

Throwback: On Safari [9/14/2012]

Hello My Smitten's
This week at Subliminally Smitten I will be throwing it back to some of my favorite early posts as a new baby blogger.  I am still a fairly new blogger but since the birth of my blog in September of this year, I have built amazing blog relationships, gotten comfortable as a blogger, and have an amazing group of Smitten's (followers).

I have soooo many favorites (duh, it's all my work) so the way I chose the throwbacks for this week is I chose the post that had less than 10 views (that is so horrible but again new blogger here).  I am really excited about sharing these throwbacks this week because I had some really good polish combo that went unnoticed.  I really hope you enjoy this week as much as I am going to enjoy resharing.  

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Please travel safely and please don't drink and drive :)

Enjoy <3

Emma RaeNae 

For this mani I used polishes from China Glaze's Safari Collection.  I had to have this collection for the glitter polishes.  When you see these pictures you will understand why.

This is Desert Sun and I Herd That.
Absolutely Gorgeous, my favorites out of the collection.

Love Right?

This is Kalahari Kiss and I'm Not Lion.  I need you to know that I went to 2 different Sally's in my city to find these polishes.  When neither of them had these glitters I drove 20 minutes to another city to get them.  They were a must have!

You love it right? Do you have any polishes from this collection?

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