Friday, May 31, 2013

Incomplete Skittle Mani

Hello My Smitten's

Today I have an incomplete mani.  

It was around Easter and I wanted to do a multicolor (skittle) mani with dots using my dotting tool.  I was over my friends house and we were going out later that evening.  He didn't tell me that he wanted to run some errands before hand.  I sat down to do my nails and he started in on my nerves.  You're doing your nails again?  But your nails looked good before you took the polish off.  Are you done yet? What else do you have to do?  He was completely stressing me out and nail time is happy time for me so I literally stopped in the middle of my mani, snapped a few pictures and that was it.  At this point I don't remember what polishes I used so my apologies all I have for you today are a few pictures of a skittle mani.  

Thanks for stopping by :)

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