Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Polish Days - The Number 5

Hello My Smitten's

I am here with May's Polish Days Mani.  The Theme this month is The number 5.  How odd right; I know!  But I must say Polly Polish did a wonderful job at guiding the thought process.

Now, the number 5 is very significant to me and it happens to be my favorite number.  
See, I'm in a national public service sorority and my line number is 5.  I could have based a mani off of that because it makes sense right?  Exactly, that wouldn't make sense to many people therefore I did not want a lack of understanding behind the mani to interfere with the beauty of it.  

After much thought I decided to create 5 mani's in 1.  I used 5 different looks, 5 different mani's and made it 1.  Okay, okay, I have talked long enough.  On to the mani(s).  Heads up, this is very picture heavy (I mean it is 5 mani's in 1).  

Polishes Used:

Mani # 1

Mani # 2

Mani # 3

Mani # 4

Mani # 5

There you have it, 5 mani's in 1.  What do you think?  

Thanks for stopping by :)

Emma RaeNae <3

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