Monday, September 30, 2013

A Bad Break

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Hello My Smitten's

I have some sad news... I had a nail break.  It is the same break, on the same nail, in the same spot that I keep getting over and over again.  It is the left corner of my middle finger on my swatching (left) hand. Each time I have this break I nicely file all my nails down (like a good blogger should) so I can have an even set of nails to swatch.  Well this time I am super irritated with this same stupid break and I refuse to file alllllllllll of my other nails down!  In my opinion, it looks absolutely ridiculous to have different length nails when swatching.  Therefore I have decided to take a little blogging/swatching break to let my nails breath and hopefully let that nail grow out a bit so I won't have to cut the other nails down.

Additonally, my life is a 3 ring circus right now.  My last two classes of my graduate program have turned out to be a nightmare.  What happened to the final classes being a breeze?  Like remember the last quarter of your senior year of high school all you did was sit in yearbook in the morning and go on college tours or work on college applications in the afternoon? Those were the simple days!  Also work is out of control at the moment so I could sure use the break.  No pun intended :) .  

I only hope to be gone for about a month.  My 1 year blogiversary giveaway is still going on for another week.  I will definitely pop in to announce the winners and get the prizes mailed out.  I'm not going to leave you guys high and dry (as my mother used to say [ever feel like you are turning into your parents more and more everyday? Okay sorry I digress]).  I will be highlighting some of my favorite mani's of the year thus far. Soooo, Without further ado.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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