Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caviar anyone [Hump Day Mani]

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Subliminally Smitten

I love the look of the Caviar Mani.  I absolutely refused to buy it though because it was super expensive.  Additionally, the blogiverse was buzzing and I heard nothing but negative things about Ciate's Caviar Mani.  It doesn't last, the caviar beads fall off within minutes of application, it doesn't last! I figured, oh well, that's one trend I won't try! Ha, who was I fooling. 

Now before you have pity on me for not having any will power let me just say, It was on sale... Lol there, now doesn't that make you feel better for me. Now come lets enjoy this mani ;)

There isn't much to say except that this mani is absolutely splendid.  I don't like caviar but this mani sure looks yummy.  Is is weird how I make mani's equivalent to food?  I can't help it, I love nail polish and food.  Don't judge me!

I must say, don't believe the hype.  Sometimes you must try things for yourself.  Besides the fact that everyone said that the caviar beads fall off quickly I also heard that if you attempt to put clear polish over them they bleed.  Well, I let my nails dry for a good hour (thank goodness for Netflix) and then I put Seche Vite over those precious caviar beads and guess what, no bleeding.  This stunning mani lasted for 2 days with no chips.  Considering the chatter about this mani and the lack of longevity of most polishes this was exceptional.   

These pics were taken before I put the Seche over the beads.  The topcoat over the beads did make them appear dull.  It took away the luster of the beads.  But for a girl on the go it worked.

Overall, I loved this mani.  I am sooo glad I tried it; I know you are too.  Have you tried a caviar mani? What were your results?

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