Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five For Friday


Hello My Smiten's

Come inside to see my recap of the week.  

1.  Fortunately we weren't impacted by hurricane Sandy here in western NC but we did have a drastic drop in the temperature.  I'm talking long john wearing, frost on car having, whip out the electric blankey doing, warm steaming shower taking cold.  I got in my car to go to work and it was ever so kind to tell me that it was cold outside.  Oh yeah, tell me something I don't know!!! 

2.  With Halloween came the guilty pleasure of eating all the candy I wanted without feeling guilty...until the very next day.  When I got this pack of Mike and Ike's I remembered that they had split up.  I mean what's up with that?

3.  When I saw all the reviews for the Essie Winter 2012 collection I just had to have it.  I love Essie!  I would call it a guilty pleasure but nope I don't feel guilty!  Essie is one of the more affordable nail polish brands.  I have no shame in buying it and I will probably buy all of their future collections.  Don't judge me!

 4.  Out with the old and in with the new!  I can't hardly believe it is November already.  The year has completely flown by.  I am thankful for another month and the beginning of the Holidays.  It's beginning to look a lot like.....

5.  I totally voted, have you???

Have a wonderful weekend.  

Thanks for stopping by :)

Emma RaeNae <3

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