Thursday, December 20, 2012

For Friends Only

Hello My Smitten's
My friends and I are all reaching the 30 age mark.  We started a tradition last year called the 30's box.  We wrap a regular cardboard box in wrapping paper and fill it with 30 gifts.  Most of the gifts are appreciated usable gifts and some are gag gifts.  It is so much fun to see them go through the box.  They are required to take each gift out of the box in front of everyone and we explain each gift.  

We also make sure that they look absolutely ridiculous so we make them wear the 30's gear! 

Lena's is going through her box.  She is showing her YOLO t-shirt.  That has been our saying for the year.  Y.ou O.nly L.ive O.nce made popular by the rapper Drake.  Life is very short and tomorrow isn't promised so live each day like it is your last!  

Lena enjoyed her box :).  

We had a nice evening at her party.  


Thanks for stopping by :)

Emma RaeNae <3

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