Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last week from my iPhone

Hello My Smitten's 

I decided to start this new segment, Last week from my iPhone, on my blog.  It will post on Sunday's and it will include pictures I took on my phone the previous week.  I take so many pictures during the week so I want to share with you.  This 1st one will be picture heavy because it is more like "The Last 3 weeks from my iPhone (yikes)."  

All pictures are the property of SubliminallySmitten and should not be reproduced or copied without explicit consent.  Pictures not belonging to SubliminallySmitten will be expressed as such.

One person's trash is another person's treasure.  Found my new nail polish racks in my Dad's garage.

Starting to fill up my racks.  China Glaze and Julep.  

Essie on my racks.

D and R Apothecary Tur-quish Delight Etsy Shop 

Pahlish Twelve Drummers Drumming Etsy Shop 

Different Dimension 80's Baby Collection Etsy Shop 
Polish Addict polishes from the discounted Polish Addict Outlet 

True Statement!

A few weeks ago, what I was doing when I was supposed to be studying (oops, still made a B and an A though, Yay). 

The pretty packaging from Sindie Pop! Lacquer 

My second love (make-up), right after Nail polish.

From my Marshalls haul.  

Essie haul, the spring and resort collection.

Oh just some swatches.

Part of my stash.
 More Essie

Yep, here I go trying to study again. 

Tragedy, how I received my coveted KB Shimmer Ice Queen

She was kind enough to replace it :). 

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Last week from my iPhone.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Emma RaeNae <3

Be sure to follow me on my journey to healthy strong nails (tab above).  

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