Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do's and Don'ts

Hello My Smitten's

Do Groom!

I arch my own eyebrows and I can apply strip and individual artificial lashes.

I wait about a month before I wax my eyebrows.  I learned how to wax my own eyebrows from practice.  It is true what they say, Practice makes perfect!  Also it is much cheaper to do it yourself.

Nice and groomed!  I decided to apply some individual lashes because my friend girl asked me to apply some on her.  I had never applied them on someone else so I thought I needed some practice.

These are the products I use.

This is Lena's final product (below).  She was happy with the results.  She paid $24 to get them done last time so I bet she liked them considering she got them done for the free this time!  Sorry I forgot to take before pictures.

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Emma RaeNae <3

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