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November Julep Box [Hump Day Mani]

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This is my November Boho Glam Julep Maven Subscription Box

Come peek inside to see what I got

This month Julep featured the new trend in polishes, Suede.  They also include the scrumptious Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting, Yum!

Nora is a charcoal, smokey black. It is not my favorite polish.  It just doesn't do anything for me.  When I am trying to do an assignment for school, or even when I am trying to pick a polish color and I am not moved I say, "I'm Not Feeling Inspired!" Well, I am not feeling inspired by this polish.  My friend Cindy click here to meet her has been all over these suede polishes but I just wasn't convinced.  This polish did not help in that department.

Nora just isn't doing anything for me.  The polish is very thick and it leave streaks.  The only plus I found in this polish is that it dries incredibly fast.

Sorry, no love for Nora!

And then there was Amber... I love love love Amber.  She is such a beauty.  Her color is so radiant.  This just might be the one polish that turns my opinion around about suede polishes.  

Look at that beauty.  Now Amber does have the same down sides that Nora has.  Let me direct your attention to exhibit A.  See the streak on the middle finger.  It too is very thick.  But who couldn't love this color.  

Hmm, I still am not digging the suede polish trend.  It just isn't my thing.  But Amber sure is pretty.

Now on to the yummy.  This body frosting smells so delicious that I had to read and reread the directions to be sure that I couldn't eat it.  

The formula is nice and creamy and did I say that it smells good.

It goes on really smooth and it is nice and fluffy.

It rubs right in with ease.  I love this stuff.  I have been using it since I got it.  Julep gets a thumbs down on the polishes this month (my personal opinion, thank you) but they get two thumbs up for the body frosting.  

Do you like the suede polish trend? What colors do you have?  

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