Friday, November 30, 2012

Polish Swap Reveal

Hello My Smitten's

I participated in my very first polish swap (AWESOME!) hosted by Rachel at lala Lists and Carly at Lipgloss and Crayons .  They are wonderful DO check them out.  My partner Beth from Arrow In The Eye sent me two delicious polishes.  Don't trip, I haven't called Beth wonderful because the fact that she checked out my blog and sent me polishes that I don't have makes her extraordinary!  

Come peak inside to check them out.  

I don't have any Material girl polishes so I was thrilled to receive these.

First up, Hot Holly a scrumptious cherry red.  

Next I have Guilty Conscience (love that name) a taupe with grey undertones (I sure hope I got that color right.  I slept through the color wheel lesson in grade school; I can't tell you the primary colors without googling them and what two colors make another color... forget it!  Don't judge me, my Mother made me eat heavy oatmeal every morning for breakfast.  I still can't stand the sight of oatmeal to this very day.  

I wanted to play around with these polishes so I attempted to do a design with my dotting tool and saran wrap.  Well, let me just say it was 2 am and I had just gotten off from a 12 hour shift.  Again, please don't judge me or my failed attempts at designs.  

Overall, my first swap experience had some bumps but it turned out well.  I love both of these polishes. Thank you very much Beth.  Do check out Beth's Blog to see if she likes the polishes I sent her (fingers crossed :).  

What do you think about the polishes?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Emma RaeNae <3

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