Friday, October 26, 2012

Hi Five For Friday


  Hello my Smitten's, It's The Weekend Yay!

1.  Last weekend was my alma mater's, Winston Salem State University, Homecoming.  Talk about a celebration.

2.  It is always a joy to hang out with good friends from far and near.  What...I told you I would wear that #VOTE shirt every weekend in October Click here to see post . I am trying to get a message out folks!

3.  The best SHE Crab Soup in North Carolina, True Story!  Mac and Nelli's

 4.  Who said you can't eat healthy on the go?

5.  At Last, my favorite mani of the week.  The Caviar Mani Click Here To See Post . 

What did you do this week?  Thanks for stopping by :)

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