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May Square Hue Review

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As requested by one of my lovely readers I have a review of the latest Square Hue box.  I have a monthly subscription to Square Hue, which I personally purchased.  This is my unbiased review.  You can see my previous Square Hue Reviews here: Review Review Review . This is very picture heavy.

Polishes Used

This pink is absolutely gorgeous.  I am horrible at describing colors because I believe I'm partially color blind (my own personal diagnosis) so I usually don't.  I see pink other people see lavender.  I see purple other people see blue.  But I think it is safe to say that this is pink because all of the polishes in this month's Square Hue box are in fact pink (I think lol).  I plan on doing a post further down the road sharing my favorite polish of each color.  After swatching this polish it is definitely in the running for my favorite pink.  Application was smooth and this is 3 coats; no top coat.

I did not like this polish.  Is this what you would call a foil or perhaps a metallic (probably not)?  I am not sure what you call these polishes with this frosty look but I absolutely hate their appearance and application therefore I stay away from them.  This polish applied very streaky and I did not particularly care for this shade of pink.  This is 2 coats; no top coat.   

I love love love this polish.  I am impressed with Square Hue's attempt at a Jelly polish; Love it!  Did I already say that?  This Jelly is so delicious and I will definitely be using this polish again in a jelly sandwich.  This is 3 coats (to reach opacity) and no top coat.    

I played with the polishes because overall they were pretty decent.  

I subscribed to Square Hue during their Holiday promo in November for $14.99 during the life of my subscription.  Honestly I am not that impressed with Square Hue.  I do not like the majority of the shades of the polishes in the boxes each month.  For that reason, I personally would not subscribe at the regular price of $21 per month (this includes shipping).  On the positive side, you get 3 full sized bottles of polish each month.  Additionally, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a good cause.  The current focus is human trafficking.  That is truly awesome!  I have been tempted to cancel my subscription, especially after receiving 2 boxes in a row that I did not like.  I made a deal with myself that I would cancel if I got 3 boxes in a row that I did not like.  My subscription has been saved by the Madonna Collection May box.  This is the first box that I have liked in a long time and even with a box that I like, I only liked 2 out of 3 polishes.  I guess you can't win them all.  

What do you think of Square Hue?      

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